Metropolitan Washington Mensa

Welcome to Metropolitan Washington Mensa, aka MWM! We've got lots of information here for you to check out, whether you're a member, friend of a member, testing prospect, or just curious about what Mensa is all about.

  • LATEST NEWS: This whole site has just been migrated to the new Google Sites, to save it before "Classic" went away. Please pardon the appearance while we comb through it and find all the stuff that got messed up. But don't expect too much, as we'll probably be transitioning to WordPress soon anyway.

  • If you are wondering, "who are these people anyway?", check out Who We Are.

  • For those interested in joining, check out How to Join -- or if you already know how, and just need info on our upcoming Testing Sessions, there's a page for that too.

  • Want to see what else we do? There's a whole section of the site for that.

  • Curious about how MWM works? Check out our official documents in the members-only area. (Most of it is not restricted, just not very interesting to non-members.)

  • Other questions? Check out the menu bar; maybe there's something relevant there. If not, you can Contact Us.

If you're a member, we hope to see you at some event, maybe even one you'll host, or an Executive Committee meeting where you're an officer or other major volunteer. If you're not a member (yet!), but interested in checking us out, we hope you'll join us for a New and Prospective Members Open House some day, or come to any other event as a member's guest.

-Dave Aronson, Webmaster