Jim, a new member, is 62 and single, a college professor currently working on two books.  His hobbies include crosswords, tennis, skiing, golf, and trying to get a date.  Jim's all-time favorite book is Charles Ferguson's Naked Unto Mine Enemies.  "The last good movie I saw was 'Birth of a nation.'"  His favorite possession is a quilt made of his old neckties; his favorite vacation, "bumming around Europe."  His most admired people include Dave Barry, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer.  Jim met Al Gore while dating his (Al's!) sister.  His (Jim's) favorite quote: "The greatest arrogance is pretending to comprehend the spirit before mastering the letter" (Goethe).  He says, "My greatest achievement has been passing the Mensa exam."  (Bio contributed by Bob Hofkin)