Dave is a software development consultant (meaning he writes code and gives advice on the process), who can actually talk to real humans in person about other things.

   Back in the days of dialup BBSes (that's Bulletin Board Systems), he moderated the Mensa, Mensans_Only, and MWM forums on Fidonet, via his own BBS (originally called TIDMADT, later renamed Air 'n Sun, and now defunct).  Nowadays he moderates MWM's original unofficial Yahoo group (littlem), runs this here web site, co-manages our Facebook page (see the right-hand sidebar), and has served as MWM's Publications Officer and Newsletter Editor, winning an award in the Publication Recognition Program.  He's not as active in Mensa as he used to be, between spending time elsewhere with his lovely bride Esther (who deigned to marry him in 1998), and Toastmasters.

   More details are available on his web sites, mainly Codosaur.us for his "professional" side, and his blogs at blog.codosaur.us for programming, dare2xl.com for personal excellence, and RecruitingRants.com for, well, recruiting rants.