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Other Volunteers

   These are the people who do most of the hard lower-level work of keeping MWM going, on the front lines.  The order is not meant to imply anything about the importance (after all, I'm last!); it's just alphabetical.  Contact information is not provided, due to privacy concerns; members can get contact information from inside the front cover of the newsletter.
  • Archivist/Historian: Joel Kaplan
  • Area Coordinators:
    • DC: Alex Belinfante
    • MD: Rebecca Janssen
    • VA: Rachel Bethe
    • WV: Lissa Cobetto
  • Capital M Staff:
    • Calendar Editor: the Programs Officer
    • Editor: Sophie Kirschner
    • Proofreaders: Russ Nevins, Edee Schwartz, Nancy Pines, and April Boyd
    • Labels Wrangler: Russ Nevins
    • Advertising Manager: send checks to the Treasurer
  • College Liaison: Doreen Rizopoulos
  • Gifted Youth Coordinator: Aditya Bhatnagar
  • Greeter: Teresa Kaplan
  • Ombudsman: David Richardson
  • Public Relations Officer: Nancy McMahan Farrar
  • Scholarship Chair: Susan Wenger
  • SIGHT Coordinator: Kat Koser
  • SIGS (Special Interest Groups) Coordinator: Joel Kaplan
  • Volunteer Coordinator: (position open)
  • Testing Coordinator: Jared Levine
    • Testing Proctors: Jared Levine, Dave Cahn, Bob Pugh, Debbie Hettler, Nancy McMahan Farrar, Trebor LeFebvre Whearty
Coming soon: pictures, links to member bios (if available), and what the duties involve.