MWM supports the national Mensa Education and Research Foundation’s (MERF) scholarship program, raising funds and making awards to students from the greater MWM area.  Because of MERF’s tax-free status, they are not able to restrict scholarships to Mensa members, much less MWM members.

   Therefore, MWM now runs its own scholarship program (in addition to participating in the MERF program), for MWM member and their families only, using our own funds.

   Beginning in 2013, our own MWM scholarships were available for students of all ages (MWM members and their families only), and not restricted only to college students as MERF scholarships are.  There are two types of awards:

1) College/Technical/Trade School Scholarships [C/T/TS Scholarships]

2) Scholarships for younger students attending a gifted, talented or enrichment program [G/T/E Program] Elementary school, middle school, and high school students accepted to gifted and talented programs or enrichment programs are now eligible for smaller awards.

   The application process is spelled out elsewhere on this website (see link below) and in our September Capital M.  This change has benefited our MWM members and encouraged scholarship and learning in our MWM area.