If you are a current member of Mensa and live in Maryland, you can obtain special Maryland Mensa license plates for your vehicles.

   Anyone who is a current Mensa member with a car registered in Maryland can get the tags.  You may have seen them.  They don't have a logo, just HIQxxxx where xxxx is a sequential number assigned by the MVA.  You will need to provide your name, address, and Mensa membership number to Sherry Miles at smilesapak@aol.com, or message her on Facebook, including in the Maryland Mensa group there.

   Sherry must verify that you are a current Mensa member.  Then she will send you an application form.  When you get the form, you will have to send it to the MVA with the required fee (currently $15).  This is a one-time fee, not yearly.  You will have to turn in the vehicle's old tags when the new ones come.  You can find the current MD MVA information and fees at http://mva.state.md.us/AboutMVA/FEE/default.htm.