This page is largely a placeholder for pointers into password-protected private information, plus to serve as a parent for other things that are of interest only to members, but not really private.  (Note that members of any chapter of American Mensa can get to these things, not just MWM.)  Current private resources include:
   After you click on these links, you will be prompted for your username and password.  It wants your American Mensa login credentials.  (Your browser may warn you that your credentials will be sent unencrypted -- if this bugs you, please bug AML, it's something they can do something about, we can't.)  If you don't have any, or have forgotten them, see

   As for things that aren't actually private, but wouldn't be of much interest to anyone else, there are:

   Stuff coming soon includes:
  • More backlog of all of the above
  • Member Directory (what the members want open to other members but not the public)
  • Gifted Children's Programs info
  • SIGHT info