Welcome to Metropolitan Washington Mensa, aka MWM!  We've got lots of information here for you to check out, whether you're a member, friend of a member, testing prospect, or just curious about what Mensa is all about.
  • LATEST NEWS: the Regional Gathering scheduled for August 2020 is CANCELED.  :-(  However, we've already got the dates and site and so on for 2021!  And, if you registered for 2020 and didn't ask for a refund, your registration should get rolled over.  Plus, since the Annual Gathering is a World Gathering later in the year, our Regional gathering is over the 4th of July weekend this time -- meaning we have some fun extras, like a Pirate Cruise to see the fireworks from right on the Potomac!  Check out our 2021 RG at http://mwmrg.org/.
  • If you are wondering, "who are these people anyway?", check out Who We Are.
  • For those interested in joining, check out How to Join -- or if you already know how, and just need info on our upcoming Testing Sessions, there's a page for that too.
  • Want to see what else we do?  There's a whole section of the site for that.
  • Curious about how MWM works?  Check out our official documents in the members-only area.  (Most of it is not restricted, just not very interesting to non-members.)
  • Other questions?  Check out the menu bar; maybe there's something relevant there.  If not, you can Contact Us.
   If you're a member, we hope to see you at some event, maybe even one you'll host, or an Executive Committee meeting where you're an officer or other major volunteer.  If you're not a member (yet!), but interested in checking us out, we hope you'll join us for a New and Prospective Members Open House some day, or come to any other event as a member's guest.

-Dave Aronson, Webmaster